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2001 Oakland Athletics: Our Heroes

2001 Oakland Athletics: Our Heroes

I was going to write about the Leafs vs. Bruins, but I've decided to just enjoy this for what it is.  The Leafs are playing in May and that hasn't happened since 2004.  Sure, I'd have loved a series with the Habs, but I'll play any team at this point.  Bring on the Bruins and let's see what happens.

So instead of writing about the Leafs (I plan to rotate between my #5 Bill Barilko and #93 Doug Gilmour jersey) I'm going to write about the 2001 Oakland Athletics.  I've been thinking a lot about the 2001 Oakland Athletics this week.  They're our glimmer of hope.


You see, the 2001 Oakland Athletics are the only team that's started as poorly as our 2013 Blue Jays and still made the playoffs since the wildcard berths showed up in '95.  That's it.  If the Jays right this ship and play lights out ball the rest of the way to make the post-season, they'll be only the 2nd team to do it.

The 2001 Oakland Athletics had to win 45 of its final 56 games to win the wildcard.  I'll let you digest that run for a moment.  45 of 56...

Will the Jays go on a similar run? puts the odds at 0.6%.  That sounds about right...

Tell me it's early all you want... remind me it's April and we've only played 26 of 162 games.  Those numbers are correct, but history suggest this isn't happening in 2013.  My eyeballs tell me this team isn't capable of a 2001 Oakland Athletics-esque run to finish this season.  My heart and my mind know it's over.

Hopefully, we finish strong and compete for a playoff spot in 2014.  That expectation is far more realistic.

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