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Sightseeing in Frankfurt: Meine Fotos

Sightseeing in Frankfurt

Saturday was a sunny 6° in Frankfurt, and I spent the bulk of the day walking the city.

Frankfurt was bombed heavily during WWII, and most historical buildings were destroyed.  Still, I found some pretty spectacular sights.

2013-03-02 12.28.26
2013-03-02 12.45.02
2013-03-02 12.41.14
2013-03-02 12.50.48
2013-03-02 12.45.35
2013-03-02 12.45.24
2013-03-02 13.09.53
2013-03-02 13.13.33
2013-03-02 13.20.55

If you'd like to see more of my pictures of Frankfurt, I have a Flickr photoset right here.

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