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My Thoughts on the NHL Realignment

My Thoughts on the NHL Realignment

The NHL's board of governors have approved NHL realignment for next season.  The new format will feature two eight-team divisions in the Eastern Conference and two seven-team divisions in the West.

As a Leafs fan, I'm going to look at this with my blue and white eyes.  Our new division is identical to our old division, with a few new teams added: Detroit, Florida and Tampa Bay.


I grew up with the Leafs in the Norris division where we had a great rivalry with Detroit.  I'm looking forward to enjoying that rivalry again, and always felt the Red Wings belonged in our division.  So I'm loving the fact we keep our rivalries with the Sens, Habs, Bruins and Sabres, but we get to add Detroit to the mix.

I'm fairly indifferent to Florida and Tampa Bay joining the party, but I suppose it makes good sense geographically.  What do you think of the NHL's realignment?

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