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Is Toronto a Walkable City?

Is Toronto a Walkable City?

During recent trips to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin, it was just me and a map and my two legs.  I found each city to be very walkable, and was able to hit each destination without requiring public transportation.

Is Toronto (the old Toronto, not the megacity) as walkable?  I'm thinking I'd need to visit my own city as if I were a tourist to learn the truth.


According to Walk Score, Toronto is Canada's 2nd most walkable city, behind Vancouver.  Here are the top 10:

  1. Vancouver (Walk Score = 78)
  2. Toronto (Walk Score = 71)
  3. Montreal (Walk Score = 70)
  4. Mississauga (Walk Score = 59)
  5. Ottawa (Walk Score = 54)
  6. Winnipeg (Walk Score = 53)
  7. Edmonton (Walk Score = 51)
  8. Hamilton (Walk Score = 51)
  9. Brampton (Walk Score = 48)
  10. Calgary (Walk Score = 48)

Do you find Toronto to be a walkable city?

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