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My First Medieval Times Experience

My First Medieval Times Experience

I've driven or walked past the Medieval Times castle at Exhibition Place a thousand times but had never been inside until last Thursday night.  That's when the kids joined us as guests of Medieval Times for their all new show, two years in the making.

The kids loved it.  There was tonnes of jousting, sword fighting, horsemanship and flaconry, and most importantly, our knight won it all.  If you've never been to Medieval Times, the arena is divided into six sections and each section is represented by a knight who engage in action packed battles.  And it all opened with a rider-less Andalusian Stallion.

Somebody just caught a flower at Medieval Times

And the food was pretty good, too.  Tomato bisque, garlic bread, oven roasted half chicken, bbq spare rib, herb-basted potato wedges and a pastry, and not a utensil in sight.  The kids loved eating with their hands.

If you'd like to check out the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for yourself, you can purchase tickets online at or by calling 1-88-935-6878.

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