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Blue Jays Going for Broke

Blue Jays Going for Broke

I'm still riding the high from Tuesday's trade with the Miami "Don't Call Us Florida" Marlins.  In that deal, we added Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio.  Now there's word Alex Anthopoulos has signed free agent Melky Cabrera.

Yes, Melky Cabrera was suspended by MLB last season for 50 games after testing positive for high levels of testosterone, but before that he had a major league-leading 159 hits and was second in the NL with a .346 batting average.  The  guy can hit.

So we'll put Cabrera in LF, Rasmus in CF, and some guy named Bautista in RF.  Lawrie will play 3B, Reyes will star at SS, Izturis should be ready to play 2B and Encarnacion and Lind can play 1B / DH.  There's too many catchers, so someone will have to go so we have two of Arencibia, Buck and d'Arnaud.  I smell an Arencibia trade on the horizon...

As for starters, how does Brandon Morrow, Josh Johnson, Ricky Romero, Mark Burelhe and J.A. Happ sound?

We haven't had an off-season this exciting in quite some time.  The Jays are going for broke and I love it.  It's about time we had real hope for a team in this city.

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