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Who Wants an iPad Mini?

iPad Mini

My Twitter feed was jammed yesterday with news about the new iPad Mini Apple has unveiled.  You can think of it as a smaller iPad or a larger iPod Touch.  Here's a picture of the new iPad Mini:


The cheapest version will sell for $329.  That's a pretty big chunk of change.  I don't pray at the Apple alter, but those who do already own an iPhone and iPod.  I can't imagine someone who owns an iPhone and iPod would want a device in the middle, but Apple heads are a surprising bunch.

If you don't pray at the Apple alter, you might want an iPad Mini if you can't afford or are unwilling to shell out the bucks needed for an iPad.  But at $329 USD, it's not that cheap.  I'd go with a Nexus 7 at $199.

Of course, I don't have an interest in any tablet.  Heck, the Samsung Galaxy S III Virgin Mobile has lent me is almost that size.  I'd stick with that and simplify things.

So tell me, who wants an iPad Mini? And if you want one, please tell me why.

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