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Dalton McGuinty on My Grandmother's 90th Birthday

Dalton McGuinty on My Grandmother's 90th Birthday

The first mention of Dalton McGuinty on this blog was October 3, 2003.  That was the day he was first elected Premier of Ontario, and today is the day he announced his resignation.

Speculation abounds, but as I type we don't yet know exactly why Dalton McGuinty has decided to step down after 9 years as Premier.  Feel free to share your speculation in the comments.  I think he's giving his party its best chance at winning a fourth election in a row, but I've never hated the man the way some do.

With McGuinty resigning after leading the Liberal Party for 16 years, I thought I'd share the certificate I got for my grandmother on her 90th birthday.  If she hangs on for a couple more years, I'll be getting one from the Queen.

For My Grandmother's 90th
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