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Guinness Storehouse

On Saturday I visited the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, and wanted to follow that up yesterday with a visit to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.  The two tours and experiences are quite similar, and I enjoyed both.

This building was built in 1902, but the Guiness we all know and love has been around since 1778.  The Guiness Storehouse is bigger than the Heineken Experience, with 7 floors of information that delves quite a bit deeper.


Like the Heineken Experience, there's a tasting of Guinness part-way through the tour and a full pint waiting for you at the end.  I noticed nobody seemed to care if you stuck around for multiple tastings, so I got more than my share there, but scoring an extra pint at the top of the building was next to impossible.

2012-09-16 16.10.48

About that final pint at the top... it features a panoramic view of Dublin that's just gorgeous.  Being there was worth the price of admission alone, and it's where I took the photo below.

2012-09-16 17.54.45

In the battle between the Heineken Experience and Guinness Storehouse, Guinness wins by a nose.  Both are great fun with great beer, but the Guinness location was more grandiose with deeper information and the panoramic view of the city at the end sealed the deal.

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