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When Your Bands Start to Play Casino Rama

Casino Rama

I'm used to seeing bands like Chicago, Air Supply, Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett and Neil Sedaka play Casino Rama.  Those acts are now Rama acts, appealing to an older crowd and well past their prime.  There's nowhere else I'd expect Ringo Starr to play.

But lately I've been hearing ads for a Weezer concert at Casino Rama.  Weezer is one of my bands, a band I've paid good money to see three times.  It always sounds strange to me that Weezer is now a Rama band.

I wondered if Weezer was the first of my bands to play Casino Rama, but apparently the Stone Temple Pilots have played there, making Weezer the second of my bands to play Rama.

I guess this is further evidence I'm getting old.  My bands are now playing Casino Rama.

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