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I Believe: The CTV Olympics Song Runs Its Course

I Believe: The CTV Olympics Song Runs Its Course

Most Canadians loved the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  We hosted, we owned the podium and we won the most desired of golds with an OT goal by Sidney Crosby.  It was friggin' magic.

I've been watching the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and it's once again being telecast here by CTV.  That means we're hearing "I Believe" again, the Stephan Moccio and Alan Frew penned song that was played ad nauseam in Vancouver.  Here's the Nikki Yanofsky version, as if you needed a reminder.

This time, in addition to the Yanofsky version, we're getting a version by The Tenors.  I can't imagine either version is making Canadians feel particularly good at this point.  If you weren't completely sick of this song after the winter Olympics, you must be sick of it by now.

Please CTV, ease up on the I Believe.  It had run its course well before Crosby's golden goal.

Does anyone out there still enjoy this song?

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