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Never a Dull Moment: A Week in Toronto News

A Week in Toronto News

Toronto is a big city, but this past week we've had more than our fair share of news that transcends our borders.  Many of us are wondering "what's next?".

Luka Rocco Magnotta
The MSM learned the name Luka Rocca Magnotta on May 30 when the Torontonian was identified as the suspect in the murder of Lin Jun.  Yes, the murder took place in Montreal, but this story had a strong Toronto slant because he was born and raised here.  I wrote about him, and I'm pretty sure he was reading and left a comment.  More on that in the comments here.  I'm glad he's now behind bars in Berlin.

Union Station Flooding
Nobody got hurt, but it was pretty big news in this city and the pictures were popular outside Canada.  Here are some Photoshopped images from June 1.

Janitor Tries to Blow Up St. Joseph’s College
This story got lost in the shuffle, but it's pretty chilling.  A janitor at St. Joseph’s College, an all-girls Catholic high school, cut the school's main gas line with the intention of blowing it up.  Thankfully, his plan failed.

Eaton Centre Shooting
On Saturday, an argument made its way to a very busy food court in the Eaton Centre where Ahmed Hassan was gunned down.  Seven others ended up in hospital as a result of this altercation.  The suspect has turned himself in and the Eaton Centre is open for business once more.

I think that covers the more sensational stories from this city over the past week.  It's enough to make me long for the days when we had nothing better to discuss than what to call Gay-Straight Alliances in schools.

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