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Farewell Old Friend: My New Bike


About four years ago, I thought I'd restore my old bike.  Here's what I wrote back then about my beloved old bike:

I named him Cody, because when I bought him in 1990, that's what the folks at the now defunct Bloor Cycle called the model. It was $400, which seemed like an awful lot of dough to this teenager. My buddy Ed and I were into skateboarding, and periodically I'd throw a skateboard or surf sticker on the frame. From 1990 through 1999 I rode that bike like crazy. It got me to and from work, to and from high school and university, all over the city. I lived on my bike until I moved out of a basement apartment on Clendenan and into a high rise. That's when Cody went into storage.

Life got in the way, and I never did get back into biking that summer.  I've since retired Cody and am now the proud owner of a new Giant Escape 2.  Here's the old and the new, passing the torch.

2012-06-21 22.41.23

So far, so good.  I've been out four of the past five days and I'm feeling the love again.  But I can't throw out Cody... I think I'll restore her out of love.

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