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Toronto Terrestrial Radio Options: An Open Discussion


Let's talk about the current state of Toronto radio.  Yes, I realize many of you have abandoned terrestrial radio in favour of satellite and internet radio or podcasts, but let's pretend we only have the transistor radio from our youth at our disposal.  Let's stick to FM and AM signals you can get from Toronto.

I'll start... The station I listen to most often these days is CBC RadioOne which is 99.1.  I just find it interesting, enjoy their news reports and love the lack of ads.  In the car, when I want to hear a tune, I still tune in Edge 102.1 or 97.7 HTZ-FM, but the narrow playlist now employed by 102.1 seriously frustrates me.  Having said that, I still usually like what I hear there, even if they do overplay certain "top 40 for grunge" songs.

I still enjoy Prime Time Sports on The Fan 590, and tune that in periodically.  I'll also listen to Jays Talk on that station following an interesting Jays game.  That's about it... 99.1, 102.1, 97.7 and 590.

I find the vast majority of stations are pretty awful.  It seems we're underserved in this market, and it's only getting worse.  It's no wonder I spend most of my day listening to Howard Stern, Humble and Fred podcasts and MP3s.

Ok, your turn.  What do you like / dislike about Toronto terrestrial radio these days?  What stations do you listen to?

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