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Prior to drafting my playoff pool this year, I wrote down the teams I thought would advance to the second round of the NHL playoffs.  I picked:

  • Pittsburgh
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Vancouver
  • San Jose
  • Nashville
  • Chicago

Except for calling Nashville over Detroit, I could get bulldozed.  Pittsburgh and San Jose are already out and New Jersey, New York, Boston, Vancouver and Chicago are each a loss away from elimination.

If that isn't parity, I don't know what is.  8 seeds are handling 1 seeds, anything can happen and we could see a Phoenix / Florida final.

Parity is overrated.  It makes it impossible to skillfully draft a competitive playoff team and it means my adopted team for the playoffs is already eliminated.  Unless, of course, my Leafs do manage to slip into 8th one season.  Then, this might just work out.

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