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Of BJ Birdy, Ace and Diamond

As a young Blue Jays fan, I remember BJ Birdy entertaining the crowd at Exhibition Stadium.  He was the official Blue Jays mascot until getting the boot after the 1999 season.

How much did I enjoy BJ Birdy's antics?  They used to publish a BJ Birdy cartoon in the Toronto Star and I used to cut them out and save them.  True story, and to prove it, here's a pic of my actual scrapbook.

My Scrap Book

BJ Birdy was replaced by Ace and Diamond for one reason and one reason only.  The BJ Birdy trademark was owned by Shanahan Productions.  Ace and Diamond would be owned by the Blue Jays, and the club could market them and keep all revenue generated by them.  Dollar billz, yo.

Ace was a guy and Diamond was a gal.  Over time, we got more Ace, he's even on Twitter, and less Diamond.  Diamond hasn't been seen in years, and quite frankly, I'm worried about her.  Where's Diamond?

If anyone's ever wondered what became of our beloved BJ Birdy, now you know he was destroyed by greed. And if anyone has a clue where Diamond is, please let me know.

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