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My 2012 Playoff Hockey Pool Picks

hockey pool

We drafted our players last night in the greatest playoff hockey pool ever.  Kic chose the Jays home opener, and Elvis was imprisoned by fatherhood, but 14 strong showed up to enjoy Palma Pasta and chase the $280 pot.

Here are my picks.

  1. M. Gaborik - NYR
  2. P. Elias - NJ
  3. Z. Parise - NJ
  4. L. Couture - SJ
  5. P. Marleau - SJ
  6. D. Boyle - SJ
  7. B. Dubinsky - NYR
  8. R. Clowe - SJ
  9. D. Cleary - DET
  10. B. Burns - SJ

Follow our pool online at  Now be honest, do I have a chance?

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