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Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux


I have a work-issued MacBook Pro running OS X, a laptop running Windows 7 and a desktop running Ubuntu 11.10.  That makes me lucky enough to have the big three operating systems at my fingertips.


I work from home, and the bulk of my work is done on the Ubuntu Linux desktop.  Here's a breakdown as to how I use these three machines.

Ubuntu 11.10

  • Primary computer for work and play
  • Where I listen to music, podcasts, update this blog and make a living
  • My preferred OS

Mac OS X

  • When I'm not at my desk, I go mobile with the MacBook Pro
  • When I need Photoshop or to attend a GoToMeeting session, I return to the Mac
  • It feels solid, looks great and is pretty fast, but I haven't yet fallen in love with this OS

Windows 7

  • My son loves this laptop, because he can play his Windows-only games on it
  • Otherwise, Windows bugs me...

I'm very curious as to which OS you use at home and work, and which is your preference.  Windows, Mac or Linux?

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