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Shrek the Musical in Toronto

Shrek the Musical in Toronto

I took my daughter to the opening night of Shrek the Musical last night at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.  She's seven, and she loved every minute of it.  Heck, I should have had her write this review, because I'm not sure it matters what I thought.

From an adult's perspective, it was pretty decent.  The dragon was very cool, Lord Farquad played on his knees was great, and if a song ever got boring, I just looked to my left and watched Michelle having a blast.


John Gallagher was sitting behind me, and he brought his wife.  I'm thinking this is a show you want to bring your kids to, or at least a nephew or niece you have lying around.  It was absolutely perfect for my seven year old, but I wouldn't have wanted to go alone.

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