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My Son's First Leafs Game


I still remember taking my son James to his first Jays game. That was way back in 2004 and Gabe Gross hit a grand slam, Russ Adams hit his first career home run and Carlos Delgado went deep in a 12-5 victory.  Brian Burke sat two rows ahead of us and we had a blast.

It's taken me quite a bit longer to get James to his first Leafs game.  We've seen several Jays and Marlies games, and a Raptors game and TFC match, but last night was his first Leafs game, a 1-0 shoot-out loss from the Coke Zero Gondola Box.

In the Coke box watching the Leafs #sweet

I'm not sure how the game played on television, it was quite possibly a snooze-fest, but live there was a good ebb and flow and it was pretty entertaining for a scoreless hockey game.  Fatherhood Schmaltz Alert: More than anything, I wanted the Leafs to score.  I didn't care if we lost 10-1, I wanted James to hear the horn go and witness the eruption of joy that happens after the home team scores.  A bunch of posts later, I didn't get my wish, but James had fun regardless.

The boys first Leafs game!

I want to give a big thanks to Coke Zero for inviting us.  It was a part of their big "Impossible Made Possible" campaign and it was amazing not only getting James into a game, but having free food and drink all game long.  I'm not blaming Coke Zero for the lack of Leafs goals.

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