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Finding a New Bottom in Leafsville


I had stopped watching Leaf games.  Prior to tonight, the last game I watched was the game I took my son to a couple of weeks ago.  Total and complete apathy had set in... the 2011-12 Leafs were dead to me.

Then, Ford Canada invited me to their luxury suite and 3rd row seats at the ACC to watch the Leafs vs. Flyers.  Suddenly, I'm not only watching the Leafs again, but I'm at ice level, unable to turn the channel.

2012-03-29 21.16.40.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, it's far worse than I had imagined.  It seems we've found a new bottom, if that's possible.  Jussi Rynnas got no support in his first career start, the Leafs only managed to get 17 shots on net and the fans only showed passion when chanting "Let's Go Blue Jays", which also happened to be the highlight of the night, or when booing the home team, which began early in the first period.

Mr. Rynnas, you're ready for your closeup

This team has no pride.  In this lifelong fan's opinion, things are as bad now as they were under JFJ's watch, and that's saying something.  It hurts to watch.

2012-03-29 21.30.29.jpg

I was comfortably numb in my apathetic state until Ford Canada woke me up.  Now I've seen the carnage for myself and it's ugly.  Toronto ugly.

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