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The Problems With Working From Home

Working from Home

I now work from home.  There are so many positives to working from home, but it's not all bread and roses.  It's fantastic having no commute and very few interruptions, but there are a few problems when working from home.

Here are five four:

You'll Forget to Shave

It turns out you only drag a razor over your face because you have to go into the office. When your office is Skype, and you don't connect a webcam, you just don't bother shaving.


You'll Live in Your Robe

Seriously. I invested in a housecoat and it's my go-to working apparel.  Nothing beats it, but you'll want to wear it everywhere.


You'll Start Talking to Yourself

With no cubicle drop-ins or endless meetings, and no reason to visit the communal kitchen to refill your coffee mug, you very well may start talking to yourself.


The Lines Will Blur

Bubbles once said it's a thin line between heaven and here. The lines between work and personal time are even more blurred, and you may find yourself working too much.  You'll have to make sure you make time for the four F's: family. food. fitness and fun.


Back to work!

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