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The Monster Becomes Gus: The End of an Era


As is often the case in life, the pursuit of The Monster was the peak.  The Best Goaltender Outside the NHL™ kept us waiting, teased us for while, before eventually choosing the Leafs.

He started strong, inspiring this slice of creativity from yours truly.


Last night, I watched the Leafs vs. Devils, and leapt for joy when Phil Kessel scored the tying goal in the last minute of play.  Then, in overtime, I saw Jonas Gustavsson, formerly known as The Monster, allow the worst OT goal I can ever recall seeing.  It was horrendous, and it couldn't come at a worst time.  I counted three bad goals in all last night, but this was the worst of the bunch.

That's it.  The Monster era is over.  Give the keys to James Reimer and let's see where the chips fall.  The Monster can never start another game in this city.  He can pack his bags now for his inevitable return to Sweden.

The Monster is simply Gus now.  And Gus is done.

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