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Monster Jam at Rogers Centre

Monster Jam at Rogers Centre

I took the kids to see the Monster Jam this afternoon at the stadium formerly known as SkyDome.  Say what you will about the monster truck shows, but it's 3 solid hours of entertainment.  There's the monster truck race, the freestyle competition and a demolition derby to top it all off.  Oh yeah, and there's motocross freestyle and quad racing sprinkled in the mix.

If you've ever been to a monster truck show (this is my third event with my son) then you know that Grave Digger is the Hulk Hogan.  He gets all the praise and attention, even though he didn't win anything today.  The fastest truck on this day was Mohawk Warrior.  Here he is edging out Monster Mutt to win the title.

Mohawk Warrior wins!

The freestyle event was thrilling, with Avenger winning the crown.  The hyped Canadian entry, Northern Nightmare, underwhelmed all afternoon.

Here's my review of Monster Jam 2008. If anyone can tell me what happened to Bigfoot, I'd love to know.

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