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TTC Commissioner Maria Augimeri Rides the Finch Bus


Here's a little clip of TTC Commissioner Maria Augimeri riding the Finch bus.  It's important public servants eat their own dog food to understand what regular folks have to put up with every day.

I'd like to see Rob Ford get himself from Etobicoke to City Hall via the TTC.  From where he lives it's just a little walk, a bus to the Bloor subway line and then a transfer to the University subway line.  I dare Rob Ford to try it once.

Meanwhile, the Globe and Mail (note, it's not just the Star) is reporting that Rob Ford's plan to cancel Transit City will cost us at least $65-million, and counting.

And I seem to recall his "guarantee" that there would be no service cuts with him as mayor, but the TTC is planning to reduce service on 62 surface routes.  That certainly sounds like a cut to me.  And of course fares are going up again, and that hike has nothing to do with the $65-million cost of killing Transit City.

One day, I hope to post an entry about Rob Ford riding the bus.  As if.

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