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Humble and Fred's Disaster Area


Freddie P is sharing a story today about the studio they're building for the new Humble and Fred Radio show.  I've been to their new studio a couple of times now, including yesterday, so I'm going to spill the beans as to what this place is really like.

Firstly, it's in the most industrial area of South Etobicoke.  We're talking Browns Line and Horner... a.k.a. Etobicoke's less glamourous side.  The neighbourhood has all the flavour of tofu.

Then, when you enter the building, it's every man for himself.  The place is perpetually under construction with temporary stairs and falling walls.  It's like those abandoned buildings in Detroit you've seen on the internet.


If you're lucky enough to find the new home of Humble and Fred, you'll notice it's got a desk and a couple of chairs.  That's about it.  Oh... and there's a very large aquarium full of little fish.  In fact, during my visit yesterday that aquarium was getting cleaned.  That made it the only cleaned thing in the entire building.

Now clearly the boys are working with Jeff Lumby to pretty the place up and ensure the audio is top notch.  That audio is really all you should care about.  What do you care if they're working out of a dumpster, so long as they're producing compelling free content for you?

The new site, by the way, is almost ready to go live at  I'll let you know when it does....

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