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planking & owling move there's horsemaning

not sure how many of toronto mike's readers were in on the recent phenomena known as planking, owling or even canoeing.

basically planking involved taking a picture of yourself lying rigid on an unusual surface -  maybe on top of house, on a supermarket floor...wherever. i believe owling was a variation, where you sat hunched like a god damn owl would sit in a tree.

first off, i don't understand these people. what's the motivation? where do you get the time? aren't there way better things to do? don't you people have to go to work?

anyway, those social movements are now so last week, because now it's all about horsemaning. yup. horsemaning.  with this, you take a photo (involving two people) which creates the illusion you've been decapitated. i guess the idea is to do so in the most creative ways in order to outdo the last guy..or something.

here's a link  to see some shots:

i'm guessing that the type of people that do this sort of thing are maybe the same people who organize and participate in flashmobs. the same lot who believe they'll come up with the Next Huge Worldwide Viral Video.

i suppose they're just a subculture of society, like people who dress up in star trek outfits and go to science fiction conventions. or people who stand in jammed crowds for nineteen hours outside roy thomson hall during tiff to beg some celebrity for an autograph.

not my cup of tea. but, i guess they're better than serial killers, london/toronto G20 rioters and adolf hitler..i guess.

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