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Life Imitates The Simpsons at Toronto City Hall

rob ford

Our classless, short-sighted, pathetic excuse for a mayor Rob Ford has my blood boiling and gut busting again.  Actually, it's not Rob Ford this time, it's his big brother Councillor Doug Ford, although I half suspect they're the same person.

Dougie has a vision for our eastern waterfront, and he shared it this morning.  It includes a monorail, a big ferris wheel and a megamall, whatever that is.  It sounds disastrous.  It sounds like an episode of The Simpsons.

Every time I point out how ridiculous Rob Ford and his brother are, I'm hit with the Ford defenders telling me I hate Rob Ford for being fat.  I don't hate Rob Ford for being fat, I hate Rob Ford for being ignorant, short-sighted, classless and embarrassing.  He tricked a great deal of Torontonians into voting for him so he could find gravy, and now that there's no gravy, he seems hell bent on ruining everything great about this city, including our eastern waterfront.


I'd like to hear from one person who thinks Doug Ford's vision for this city's waterfront is a good idea.  Go ahead.... I'm waiting.

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