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Edwin: Bartender

This past weekend, I heard I Mother Earth on the radio.  I think it was "Used to be Alright", but it might have been "Another Sunday".  It was definitely an Edwin tune, because I immediately wondered what had become of him.

I know Edwin left I Mother Earth in 1997, and I remember Edge 102 playing the shit out of his solo album Another Spin Around the Sun.  I even saw him at Edgefest that year at Molson Park in Barrie, but that was over a decade ago.  Where's Edwin at?

This morning, while checking out Google+, I found this post by my buddy Marc.  Edwin is working as a bartender at Tattoo Rock Parlour, a Queen Street rock bar.

Oh... and in addition to serving drinks, he occasionally sings there.


Bonus trivia: Edwin Ghazal turns 43 next month.  Am I the only one who expected more from Edwin?  Between IME and his first solo album, the man amassed no less than 9 Cancon radio hits, by my calculations.  All in a 7-year span...

September 2020 update: By "expected more from Edwin" I meant I thought he'd be a bigger deal. 9 years later, I've learned so much more about the Canadian music industry. I still love Edwin.

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