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Tragically Hip on Canada Day Review #ohcanada!

Tragically Hip at the ACC

I did a double take when I realized I had last seen The Tragically Hip live in concert back in February 2007.  That was my 10th time seeing Das Hip, and last night was #11.

The weather was perfect... warm and breezy, and the opening bands were stellar.  Hey Rosetta! lived up to the hype, Broken Social Scene was their typical solid self and Weezer threatened to steal the show.  But on Canada Day, the Hip won't be beat.

I've added the setlist to my personal Tragically Hip page, and I've updated my setlist statistics.  We got "At The Hundredth Meridian" again, making it the only song I've seen live 11 times.

It was a great day of tunes, followed by a sweet firework display.  Happy birthday, Canada.

Das Hip!
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