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Talking to Gord Downie About Hallelujah


I've got an entire category committed to Gord Downie's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".  Gord recorded the song for the movie Saint Ralph, but it's never been officially released.  I've got a copy, however, and that led to this comment from Nik.

I ran into Gord Downie in Toronto in summer of 2005. My friends and I walked past as he stood in the entryway of a cathedral on Bloor. I said aloud "Hey, that was Gord Downie. Lets say hi". While the others were hesitant, I had a question I wanted to ask him: where can I get a copy of your cover of Hallelujah from Saint Ralph? (I had just seen the film 2 weeks before at the Review Cinema) He was very approachable but was not pleased when I told him that I had exhausted my search for the soundtrack and had come up empty. He said he was told that there would be a soundtrack. I told him it was the best version of the song I had ever heard. He replied, to my surprise, that he had never actually heard the original before he recorded it himself. I suggested he put the track on his next solo project but he said he'd look into the Saint Ralph soundtrack first, thanked me for bringing this to his attention and shook our hands. He's had 3 solo albums since...

I've wanted to ask Gord about this song for a while now, and Nik's comment was quite revealing.  I wonder why "Hallelujah" has yet to see the light of day?

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