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Damian Goddard Fired for Hate, Avery Makes Sense

damian goddard fired

I've never liked Sean Avery.  He doesn't like us, either.  Our dislike is mutual, but I believe in giving credit when credit is due.

Sean Avery's appearance in a PSA for the Human Rights Campaign in support of gay marriage in New York is both brave and commendable.  He's a jerk, but here he is standing up for what's right.

Damian Goddard, Sportsnet host, disagrees with Sean Avery, and let his views known to the world via Twitter.  Here's a couple of Damian Goddard tweets at @heydamo.  Todd Reynolds, by the way, is a sports agent who called out New York Ranger Sean Avery for supporting gay marriage.  He tweets as @uptownhockey.


Damian Goddard has since been fired by Sportsnet.  Sportsnet, understandably, doesn't want their on-air personalities promoting discrimination.

Take it from the guy quoted on page 376  of Perspectives on Ideology, all citizens are equal under the law, regardless of skin colour, religion, culture or sexual preference.  For once, I'm siding with Sean Avery.

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