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Already Third Redux: The Jays Fan's Reality


I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty damn excited about the Blue Jays in 2011.  Did you see the numbers Arencibia and Bautista put up last night?  And right off the bat Rajai Davis reminded us all what a little speed does for the offense.  He's going to be fun to watch.  With the pitching we'll have, assuming we're not decimated by injuries, this entire team is going to be fun to watch.

Unfortunately, we Jays fans live with the reality we've already finished third in the division.  I wrote my original "Already Third" rant in 2003 following six consecutive seasons of finishing third behind the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL East. Eight years later, little has changed.

To save time, here's what I wrote 8 years ago.

With only the one wild card position available, it's virtually impossible for the Jays to advance to the playoffs. New York or Boston will win the pennant with the other likely securing the wildcard. We can't finish higher than third so long as we share a division with these two franchises. I suppose this is our cross to bear.

I'll close this Already Third Redux with the same point I closed the original with: It could be worse because we could be Orioles fans.


Ok, one more point...  Go Jays Go!

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