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Leafs 3 Points Back With Game In Hand #winning


I loved last night's Leafs game.  An overtime win against the Penguins got me out of my seat, screaming like it was a playoff game.  Tonight, when Boyce scored late in the third against the Flyers, I did it again.  Throw in a James Reimer game saving stop and it was clear I was hooked.

Here's the current standings.  Take it in and meet me after, k?


Those pesky Hurricanes are still 4 points up, and those damn Sabres still have the two games in hand, but the Rangers are falling fast.  We're only 3 points back with a game in hand.

At the risk of jinxing it all with this entry, I'm going to come out and say what we're all thinking.  We can make the playoffs this season.  We're getting great goaltending, playing excellent hockey and earning points.  We can do this.


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