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Here We Go Again #LeafsHeartacheRedux


It's February in Toronto.  That can only mean one thing.  It's time for the Leafs to tease us by flirting with a playoff drive, only to come up a little short.

I watched last night's game against the Habs and found myself cheering as if it was a playoff game.  I wanted that one, almost as badly as I wanted Kessel to get a hat trick.

The big win over the hateful Habs has us 4 points out of the playoffs with only Buffalo and Carolina in the way.  Check out these hopeful standings.


Normally, when we make our February drive to the promised land only to come up short, we screw ourselves.  We miss the playoffs and lose out on a lottery pick in the draft.  This season, there's absolutely no downside to this tease.  We're only screwing the Bruins.

It's win-win.  Go Leafs Go!

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