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Live Blogging Brandon Morrow's No-Hit Bid


Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow has 16 strikeouts through 8 innings, but more importantly, he's got a no-hitter and a 1-0 lead.

The Rays are coming up in the top of the ninth and I'm going to live blog this inning.  Remember, there is currently only one no-hitter in Blue Jays history.

3:25 - I'm nervous.  I'd love Morrow to get this, he's pitched a helluva game.  Jason Bartlett is at the plate.

3:27 - Barlett has flown out to Wise.  2 outs to go.  You can read all about the first no-hitter in Jays history right here.

3:29 - Ben Zobrist has a 3-0 count.  Make that 4-0, he's on first.  A double play right now would be sweet.  C'mon Morrow!

3:30 - Carl Crawford at the plate... 0-1 count.  Maybe that 0-2.  Fans at the diamond formerly known as SkyDome on their feet.  Crawford just hit a foul into the seats.  And Snider makes the catch for the second out!

3:32 - Evan Longoria is at the plate, and Morrow needs one more out for the no-no.  What a weekend for this team!  He's 1-1... I missed Stieb's no-hitter because I was working the CNE that day.  Longoria.... FUCK.  He's got a base hit.  You can blame this one on me, folks.  That was close!

3:35 - In addition to his 1990 no-hitter, both of Stieb's last two starts in 1988 were one-hitters, with the lone single coming with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the 9th inning in each game.  Tomorrow, Morrow will be perfect.

3:38 - And that's the ball game!  A 1-0 victory and a 1-hitter for Morrow with 17th strikeouts.  What a game, what a weekend...

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