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G20: Just One Spark Starts a Fire


I'm watching live footage from the massive downtown G20 protest.  Two police cars are burning at Bay and King and it appears they're simply going to let them burn out.  I've been watching it burn for a while now and there's no sign of firefighters.

The police presence in downtown Toronto right now is intense.  It's just massive.  I'm hearing the protesters currently number 10,000.  Subway service in downtown Toronto has been suspended by the TTC, with no service for the time being in the loop between Bloor and St. George stations. As well, there are no streetcars running in the downtown core.  Also, the Eaton Centre is in lock-down.

I'm sticking with my G20 Survival Guide. Here's hoping nobody dies in downtown Toronto today.  Things are starting to get ugly.

g8 g20 protests 20100626

[via Chris Young/Canadian Press]

Update: It seems the more aggressive protesters like to break windows.  I almost get why they're breaking the windows of Starbucks, but why break the windows of Fran's Restaurant at Yonge and College?

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