Funny People Review

Movie ReviewFunny People: 6 out of 10.

I was okay with Funny People for the first hour or so. I think I even made it through the giant MySpace infomercial, maybe 90 minutes deep. Then, Funny People just wouldn't shut up!

I literally yelled at the movie to shut the hell up by the two hour mark. It didn't listen. It kept going and going...

Funny People is way too long. You could kill most of the Leslie Mann stuff and all of the silly Eric Bana stuff. I don't know what movie Judd Apatow thought he was making.


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Terrible Review...

Were you in a slo-pitch game while writing this?

June 23, 2010 @ 7:45 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I wish I was in a slo-pitch game during the last hour of this flick.

Roger Ebert

June 23, 2010 @ 8:00 AM


This movie cemented my dislike of Seth Rogen. HE plays the same f*cking guy in every single movie. There's more depth in a puddle that's out in the Toronto sun than there is in his acting ability.

June 23, 2010 @ 3:53 PM

Frank the Tank

I agree 100%. This Movie was terrible and it didn't even edge on the side of being funny, despite what the title might indicate.

June 23, 2010 @ 5:20 PM

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