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Steve Nash: Brilliant Freak of Nature


Six years ago, I called for Steve Nash to be named NBA MVP.  That eventually happened.  Twice.

Five years ago, I called for Steve Nash to be named Prime Minister of Canada.  That hasn't happened.  Yet.

I was just catching up on my RSS feeds when I read Rick Hodge's take on Steve Nash.

They say Einstein could see light.  Ted Williams could see the seams on a 100 mile an hour fast ball.  Mozart didn't just write notes, he could see the notes.  Gretzky knew where his teammates were going be before they did.  Vision, anticipation.  Their world moves in slow motion. They see things we can't.  That's how Steve Nash plays basketball.

I agree 100% with Rick Hodge.  Steve Nash is a virtuoso who plays basketball with a hockey player mentality.  Tim Duncan’s elbow to Nash’s face last night wasn't enough to keep Nash on the bench. Steve Nash returned to the game with his right eye swollen shut and still finished with twenty points and nine assists.


Nobody plays basketball like Steve Nash.  Nobody.  Appreciate this brilliant freak of nature while you can.

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