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Rocco Rossi's Sympatico Spam


I just got an email from Rocco Rossi regarding his Toronto mayoral campaign.  The subject line reads "A message from Rocco Rossi on Practical Change" and it's identified as "a special paid message for special offers subscribers.

Here's a screen cap of the email, sent to my personal email account.  Click it to see it full-sized.


I should disclose that I do a great deal of HTML email marketing as part of my job.  I know the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 like the back of my hand because I obey it fully, although that's an American act.  The Canadian spam laws are less known to me, but this Sympatico list purchased rented by Rocco Rossi does include this statement.

You have received this message because when using one of our Websites, you have asked to receive information on news and updates from and its partners at

In theory, if I had opted in with Sympatico to receive updates from's partners, this isn't spam.  Rocco Rossi "rented" the list and there is an opt-out mechanism within the email.  So Rocco Rossi didn't just spam me, if I had opted in with Sympatico.

But here's the thing.  I'm very web savvy.  I always, always uncheck such checkboxes when I register for anything.  And, I don't believe I've ever dealt with Sympatico.  Everything I have is with Rogers, and I've never received an email from Sympatico before.

Maybe I was just spammed by Rocco Rossi.

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