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Of Fearless Fred and Barry Taylor (Or Why I Don't Know Shit)

I've listened to less CFNY this past year than I have in any 12 month period since becoming a teenager.  I'll tune in periodically in my car for the tunes, but it's no longer my go-to station.  I haven't felt comfortable listening to Edge 102 since they fired Martin Streek and Barry Taylor.

The past couple of afternoons I've listened to the man they call Fearless Fred.  You might remember Fearless Fred coming to town from Edmonton, bumping Bookie.  He even talked about me.

I honestly don't know how Fearless Fred got this gig.  Without a hint of bias, I sincerely think he's horrible.  He aims for the slacker persona, pretending not to care about much, and it's not informative nor entertaining.  What gets me is they fired a guy who played that same card.  Fearless Fred is Barry Taylor, only Barry was a great deal funnier.

This is when I'm convinced I really don't know shit about radio or being a program director.  You see, I'd have kept Barry Taylor.  Of course, I'd have also kept Martin Streek, a guy who clearly knew his music and loved talking about it.  Then again, I wouldn't have turned a once legendary station into top 40 with grunge.

I'm not one of those old guys who hearkens for the CFNY of the 80s when David Marsden was calling the shots.  I'm not greedy.  I'd be very happy with the CFNY of the 90s that played The Clash, REM, The Pixies, and The Smiths alongside their Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana.  I just don't need to hear "1979" and "Black" every single day.

Now we're stuck with a station almost completely void of personality.  I can't stand the morning show, I can't stand the afternoon drive show and I can't stand the program director.

I clearly don't know shit.

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