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Join me at TFC vs. Montreal for $40 - Insanely Awesome Special Promo


My friend Jonathan, who works for TFC, has set-up a special section for me and my friends, because he knew I really wanted to come check out a game. You all know how hard it is to get tickets to TFC matches, so this is pretty cool.

The ticket for Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact on Wednesday night at 8pm is 40 bucks and the seats are in the new North End grandstand which are great seats with awesome sightlines. Space is limited. first come, first served.

Click here to buy tickets Special Offer Code: Mike

I’ve also got ten 2010 Official Season Scarves, for the first ten who buy a ticket.  And I've arranged for us to get on the field during halftime, which is pretty cool.  And we are saving all Ticketmaster fees (approx $22 for a pair) by using this online process.

Also, so many of you are just names who comment or email me, or Twitter handles.  It might be neat to meet in the real-world so long as you promise not to murder me.

Getting tickets to TFC matches is next to impossible, and it's the best live sporting experience in the city.  I owe Jonathan for this one...

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