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Biological Clock + Newborn = Baby Talk


Back in September of 2007, my wife tried to sell me on having a third child. Her argument was a good one.  We had created two amazing kids, why not create a third?

I somehow managed to convince her we were done growing the family, and I didn't hear another word about having a third kid until Sunday.  That was the day after my wife held our new nephew for hours and hours.  With the baby in our family about to turn six and my wife soon to hit the big 3-5, my wife eloquently and passionately argued her case as to why we should have a third kid.  She did this during our Scrabble game, ensuring I was a captive audience.  Clever girl.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be a lucky SOB to have a third kid and I'd love him/her to pieces, but I'm pretty sure I'm done.  I've been blessed with the two greatest kids in the world and everything is absolutely perfect as it is.

The negotiation continues...

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