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Smells Like Sour: 1999-2010


11 years is a very long time for anything web-based. That's why it's with a great deal of sadness that I announce the Smells Like Sour (SLS) franchise has died a natural death.

SLS was a "hypothetical" collection of new tunes that we "released" twice a calendar year. All editions of SLS consisted of 20 songs the SLS committee deemed to be the best new music since the previous instalment of SLS. We "released" new editions of SLS around Canada Day and Christmas Day.  The last one, #22, came out New Year's Eve 2009.  The last song nominated was Metric's "Gold Gun Girls" back on February 8, 2010.

SLS was a labour of love.  In the beginning, I'd come up with the 20 songs I liked, my buddy Mark would come up with the 20 songs he liked, and we'd meet at a Tim Hortons and negotiate.  I won a few battles, and I lost a few battles.  I still hate that Andy Stochansky song!

Back in the day, fantastic discussions took place at, but then life and work and other priorities got in the way.  That site's been badly neglected for years, my buddy dropped out of the SLS process a while ago and I haven't been feeling it since my favourite radio station turned me off.

22 editions over 11 years is a pretty good run.  I'm going to keep the SLS Song Database online and, from now on when I hear a tune I dig, I'll just blog about it.

Smells Like Sour: 1999-2010.

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