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10 Post-Olympic Break Leafs Games


I had quite the iron man streak of Maple Leaf recaps going.  I had written a recap of every Leafs game since the start of the 2003/2004 season until Brendan Burke passed away.  I couldn't find it in me to recap that night's game.

Post Olympics, I had another problem.  There's now been ten games since the Olympics and I haven't written a single recap.  I think I'm done with recapping Leafs games this season.

I've been watching, though, and following.  The past ten games have actually been quite entertaining, and we've won six of them, including two against those hateful Sens.  It's clear to me that my recaps have been holding us back, even though we did win one playoff series during my recap era, although that was against the Senators and probably shouldn't count.

We've got the team I love to hate, the Habs, on Saturday night, and I might be talking about it on Montreal sports radio Sunday night.  We'll see if they can meet my hefty salary demands.

I'll just close this recap of my lack of recaps by saying Phil Kessel can score.  He's at 27 and counting.  Brian Burke's no dummy.

And oh yeah... Go Leafs Go!

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