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Raptor Mid-season Grades


My buddy Kic is a big Raptors fan, so I asked him to chime in on the Raps periodically.

Here's his mid-season report card for our Toronto Raptors.

Mid-season Grades
Hey Raptors fans! I know it’s been a while since I last  blogged about our beloved Raptors team, so I thought I would give out some  mid-season grades on the team so far.
Many fans feel that the team has underachieved again, great  team on paper, won’t make the playoffs…..blah blah blah. But honestly the  Raptors, who currently sit in 6th place in the Eastern Conference at  17-18, are exactly where I would have placed them at this part of the season.  It’s been a tough schedule for the Raptors so far, many back to back games,  many road trips and a lot of tough Western Division teams played. But fear not  my trusted Raptors fans, this is where the schedule gets a little easier for  us. We have yet to play the Knicks this year, plus we still have a handful of  games against the lowly Nets.
I find it quite fitting that the Raptors play the Magic  next, especially since CB4 just passed Vince to become the all-time Raptors  scorer. Personally, I feel that us Raptors fans need to stop booing Vince. I know  that many fans will persecute me for mentioning this, but don’t we owe Vince  credit for the Raptors franchise? He was the guy who wore that Toronto jersey  as he turned heads at the slam dunk contest years ago. Not only did this put  Toronto on the map for basketball, I started seeing Carter jerseys in music  videos. I still think we have a franchise because of Vince and I will still  proudly wear my Carter jersey….and stop booing him.
So here are my grades for the team so far:
CB4 = A (an absolute beast…..and he’ll only get better)
Bargnani = B+ (really starting to pick up his game and now  that December is over, so should the slump)
DeRozan = B (limited minutes, however, very exciting to  watch him play this year…he is the future)
Turks = C+ (has had some clutch games, however, he needs to  get the ball more….hear that Jay)
Calderon = C+ (ya he has flashes of greatness, but man…..he  really needs to learn how to play some D)
Jack = B+ (has really looked good this year coming off the  bench, I still feel he should start over Jose)
Belinelli = C (has been way too cold this year, still  waiting for some consistency. Here’s hoping he doesn’t become the next Kapono)
I said it before the year started and I’ll say it again….this  team WILL make the playoffs, and I’m still predicting we make it past the first  round.
Looking forward to heckling both KG and Paul Pierce while I  attend the game on Sun.

Kic is best known as the bananas guy on that FutureShop ad.

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