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Long Ago, When the NHL Had Ties


I've been writing a recap of every Maple Leafs game the since 2002.  Six years ago today, I wrote about the 2-2 tie between the Leafs and Capitals.

Sure, the Leafs extended their franchise record for consecutive games registering at least a point to 13, but a tie against the craptacular Capitals is disappointing. This was certainly a game we should have won, even with backup goaltender Trevor Kidd making only his second start of the season and regular defensemen Tomas Kaberle and Aki Berg out the lineup. A win tonight against the Habs will make everything alright again.

Note the peculiarity?  No, I'm not referring to the fact the Capitals sucked in the pre-Ovechkin era or I thought the absence of Aki Berg might actually hurt us, I'm referring to the score.  This game ended in a tie.

Yes kids, there used to be ties in the NHL.  I swear, it's true.  Only six years ago there were ties, and we still loved the sport.

Let's bring back the tie.  I've had enough of shootouts and 3-point games.  In an effort to have less ties, let's play 4-on-4 for ten minutes of sudden death overtime, but if it's still even after that, let's give each team a point and call it a tie.

What say you?  Do you agree it's time to bring back the regular season tie?

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