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Don't Stop Believin' Resurgence: Blame it on Tony


You can blame it on The Sopranos.  When it came time to end that most popular series, creator David Chase opted to do it to "Don't Stop Believin'", the 1981 hit for Journey.  The ending was rather controversial, so it put a whole new focus on the contagious sing-along single.

That was 2007.  Since then, it seems "Don't Stop Believin'" is everywhere.  You might have caught it in the most recent finale of American Idol.

Or perhaps you've heard the Glee cover version on the radio, or seen it performed on Glee itself?

Or maybe you've caught the many ads for Rock of Ages, coming to the Royal Alexandra Theatre this April?

Personally, I'll stick with the original, as chosen by Tony himself.

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