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Dear Santa: An Open Letter to the Big Guy


Dear Santa,

I have a bone to pick with you.  You brought my daughter this great wooden kitchen, which she absolutely adores, but you brought it in a hundred pieces.  I spent most of the morning building it.  Couldn't you have delivered it already made?  I'm sure you could have put a junior elf on the job without missing a beat.

Look at me looking a gift horse in the mouth.  Santa, I apologize.  After all, you brought my son the Nintendo DS he so desperately wanted, Michelle got her guitar and we've got a sweet new Scrabble board.  I've already broken it in, beating my wife by 120 points.  It's been that great a day.

Here are the kids in piping hot fresh shots.

Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009

And here's Michelle doing a happy dance about getting fake food for her fake kitchen.  Well played...

And one last thing, Santa.  My son heard your bells last night.  He told me all about it this morning.  Maybe next year you can be a little quieter so he doesn't wake up and catch you in the act.  Just a thought.. take it as constructive criticism. All-in-all you did a great job and the kids are as happy as can be.

Until next year,
Toronto Mike

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