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Santa Claus Parade Website Revamped


The 105th Annual Santa Claus Parade is next Sunday, so I just made my annual visit to to make sure the route and starting time hasn't changed.  I haven't missed a Toronto Santa Claus Parade in several years, and I don't plan to miss it next Sunday.

You know what else is an annual tradition of mine?  Complaining about the awful Santa Claus Parade website.  Back in 2005 I wrote "Good Parade, Horrible Web Site" in which I complained about the brutal graphics and navigation.  I begged for a new site, but that didn't happen.

In 2007 I wrote "The Stays Sucky" and urged the organization to update their site.  I even volunteered to do it for free.  It was embarrassing.


People of the GTA, I have good news.  The official Santa Claus Parade website has been completely overhauled.  That horrible FAQ page is a thing of the past, replaced by a completely new and improved one.  It's no longer embarrassing to send your family and friends to

If you want to join me next Sunday, here's the route.  It kicks off at 12:30pm, but you'll want to score your kids a good spot a whole lot earlier.

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